Hip Hop artist Picasso V is ready for a new start and a new beginning on the positive side.

When Picasso V was known as Vendetta, he ran the streets of Hollywood, Florida, under the spell of easy money, easy crime and all that came with it – "trying to take the easy way out," he explains. That is until the law caught up with him, which led to incarceration. From there, his transformation into Picasso V began.

Born Vincent James Hernadez, his family was originally from the northeast. "I was born in Teaneck, New Jersey then we moved to Hollywood, Florida when I was two years old. I came from a solid family with two parents but as a kid got caught up in committing crimes starting at age twelve – stealing, drugs, the 'easy money', the women. It wasn't always like that – I was an athlete in school, was offered scholarships and even a baseball contract, But I blew all of that due to being on the streets."

The one thing Picasso V had going was and is his love for hip-hop. "It's a way for me and many others to express ourselves. My influences are Eminem, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Jadakiss, Drake, Kendrick Lamar – these are the artists that inspire me."

Even with these influences in Hip-Hop, the young Vincent was expressing himself through music under the name Vendetta, and his works reflected his life at that moment. "As Vendetta, I was this wild kid who didn't care about anything or anyone but myself. I was reckless in my ways and in time that is what led to my arrest and going to jail."

It was during his incarceration that the young man formerly known as Vendetta made his transition to Picasso V after realizing that a life of crime isn't the way to go. "Being in jail gave me a lot of time to sit down and think about my life. It was time to turn a new leaf and be a new man with a new name – the music reflects that. Like the legendary artist used paints to create art, I'm using my lyrics and stories to paint new musical pictures. So I went to jail as Vendetta and was freed as Picasso V."

As Picasso V, his objective is to help motivate and inspire others towards a positive path in life. "My goal is to share with fans my vision and the pain I put myself through in life with the hope that someone can hear something they could relate to. If my music can give someone else some hope, that means a lot."

In order for Picasso V to make music, he has a father-son team who help guide his career. "My friend D and his father Andrew Minott – who manages me – knew of my music when I was Vendetta. When my father played one of my tapes at his job, a co-worker heard it and referred me to Andrew. During my prison sentence, D kept in touch with me and said, 'If you're serious about your music after you're released, I'll produce you.' So we connected after my release and when I'm in the studio, D is the only one there."

Even with a great team such as Andrew Minott and Dee working with him on the music front, Picasso V's family has shown strong support. "Man, it's been crazy - absolutely nothing but love from my family from the beginning. Even when I was a promising athlete with these scholarships being offered while I was in school, my mom and dad were supportive. They are in my corner when it comes to me being an artist."

Picasso V's latest single, "Do My Thang", is inspired by the stand he's taking life now. "Growing up through life, whether I was doing sports or music, there were always people trying to tell me to do things a certain way or not. I'm like, 'nah – I'm gonna do my thang and do it my own way."

The upcoming EP from Picasso V "Sacrificial" promises to share Picasso V's life story through song. "If I really had my choice of favorite tracks I would say all of them because each one tells its own story and has a distinct flavor. But if I were to choose two songs, it'd be 'Hopeless' and 'Tired'. With 'Hopeless' I started writing that while in prison and finished it after being released. Within 'Hopeless' I share with the listener what happened before, during and after prison. As for 'Tired' that's about who I was before and having enough of it – along with the fake people who claimed to be my friends yet showed their true colors once I went to prison. So I'm saying 'I'm tired of y'all fake people and the life I had in the past."

"I can't wait to perform in front of an audience," Picasso V relays with great enthusiasm. "That's where I'm being myself – a free spirit sharing my music, having fun, interacting with my fans. When you come to a Picasso V concert, you will get a great show."

"I have to thank God first and foremost because without Him, none of this is possible," Picasso V shares. "Definitely thank my family who've been supportive since day one. I want to give a big shout out to Andrew Minott and D as well as the entire Global Vibes Entertainment team. Finally a huge thank you to my fans, the DJs and radio stations playing my music. I love and appreciate every one of you!"

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